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E-bike rental service

Special and inclusive e-bikes

REMOOVE is a reference point of reference for companies, associations, public and private bodies, families and individuals who, every day, rely on the experience of our expert and always up-to-date staff to make use of an e-bikes or pedal-assist bike rental service.

Our bike rental service aims at a wide range of users: people with temporary or permanent disabilities or who are undergoing rehabilitation, families, adults, elderly people and anyone who wants a mobility to promote an inclusive society and community.

A safe and certified service accessible to all, which embraces all diversity.



A safe and certified service accessible to all, which embraces all diversity.

Bike rental
Bike rental


Special pedal assist bikes for an inclusive society

When you talk about limited mobility, you talk about opportunities. This message is conveyed daily by those who, with courage and great intelligence, have decided to relaunch and build inclusive bikes and itineraries suitable for everyone: mothers and children, adults, elderly, people with disabilities or who need rehabilitation paths, or who want to enjoy the tranquillity of a bike ride, in total comfort.

REMOOVE, thanks to solid partnerships with the best brands in the sector, offers a complete range of pedal assist bikes: tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandems, cargo and family bikes, quadricycles, bicycles that can also carry your pets and much more.

Biciclette speciali a pedalata assistita per una società inclusiva

Test Center

Find the Test Center for e-bike rental closest to you

REMOOVE rental of pedal assist or e-bikes service is aimed at a broad target of users that includes different individuals with different needs, companies, associations and organizations wishing to experience inclusive experiences and products designed to create a usable and evolved society.

The rental of pedal assist bikes allows comfortable, quick and safe trips and moments of relaxation, avoiding the stress of traffic through itineraries or urban cycle paths.

Here is the convenience of choosing comfortable, certified, robust and safe bikes from the best brands in the sector with no obligation to purchase and at affordable prices.

Discover our Test Centers and rent your e-bike!

Is the bike you want to rent not available?


We rely on the best manufacturers of special e-bikes



Rent special pedal assist bikes with REMOOVE

REMOOVE allows you to rent an e-bike by choosing from a wide range of models: a series of special bikes suitable even for people with limited mobility, allowing you to use a safe bike independently.

We provide a long-term rental formula designed by our team that allows you to take advantage of an electric or pedal-assist bike.

It is a rental with no obligation to buy, in total safety.

Free Test Drive

Free Test Drive

Exclusively for our customers, a free Test Drive to discover the specs of our special bikes, to facilitate the choice.



The prices of our e-bike rental service are affordable and convenient to allow usability and opportunities for those who choose REMOOVE.

Wide choice

Wide choice

REMOOVE makes use of partnerships with the best brands in the sector, offering a wide choice of bikes suitable for different targets


Which e-bikes can you rent?

REMOOVE' s special bikes express a great sustainability project: a range of products conceived thinking of a barrier-free, accessible, and sustainable society.

What to do

What to do next renting a bike?

Renting a REMOOVE bike allows you to live your time with total freedom, dedicating yourself to various activities and breaking down limits and restrictions.



REMOOVE plans events designed to anyone wishing to take advantage of our special bikes, promoting a usable and sustainable society.



Our rental service allows you to choose from the itineraries planned by REMOOVE enjoying your freedom without limits.

Ride freely

Ride freely

Create your itinerary independently, freely deciding on routes, stops and destinations.

Contact us for more information on our special and inclusive e-bikes rental service!

What maintenance services do you offer after the rental?

The rental includes information on ordinary maintenance, setting, assistance and technical support. In the event of extraordinary interventions on specific parts, the intervention of the parent company is required.


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