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Cycling Routes and Itineraries in Italy

REMOOVE promotes inclusive cycling tourism by organizing bike itineraries across Italy suitable for everyone, embracing diversity and creating leisure opportunities for everyone.

E-bike routes are created through careful mapping of the area, reporting any critical issues and avoiding, however, obstacles that may not make the experience possible.

REMOOVE offers cycling itineraries suitable for special e-bikes and perfect for families, elderly people, children and people with limited mobility. Unique experiences conceived to take full advantage from the relationship with the bicycle, nature and free time!



Accessible routes and itineraries


Cycling tours in Italy


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Don't have a bike to enjoy nature? Trust our rental service!

REMOOVE provides a rental service to choose the most suitable e-bike from the range: pick from tricycles, tandems, cargo bikes, handbikes and solutions perfect for all needs, for children, elderly people, families and people with limited mobility.

Bike Rental
Bike Rental


Paths and itineraries designed for a new inclusive society accessible for all

We have created cycling routes and cycling itineraries accessible for all, with no limits.

Our itineraries pass through welcoming environments, where the routes are easily usable and the services accessible.

Our cycling itineraries aim to create and support the growth of tourism that is inclusive and tailored to everyone's needs.

It is possible to enjoy simple and relaxing cycling experiences, which can be covered alone, as a couple, with the family or by loading a four-legged friend in the e-bike box.

Percorsi ed itinerari pensati per una nuova società inclusiva e fruibile da tutti


How do we map routes and itineraries across the country?

Our staff maps the routes and bike tours offered in Italy, thus highlighting any obstacles and making cycling accessible to everyone.

We map the areas of interest and perform analyzes of accessibility and usability of mobility considering specific users (people with mobility difficulties, elderly people, disabled people and children), evaluating the inclusiveness parameters.

Our method involves identifying architectural barriers through a precise analysis of the area and any critical issues and selecting routes suitable for the objective.

We create synergies with local authorities of the destinations in which we operate to organize cycling itineraries that can become an integral part of tourist proposals or packages suitable for different targets, considering all personal needs or critical issues.

Contact us for more information on events, itineraries and inclusive services!


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Via Santa Caterina, 35 – 38062 Arco (TN)

+39 0464 076 840