Via Santa Caterina, 35 – 38062 Arco (TN)

itinerari cicloturistici Trentino Anello Alto Garda

Cycle Itineraries in Trentino Alto Adige: Alto Garda circle path

This itinerary combines the best of Alto Garda in a route that crosses small villages, the banks of the River Sarca, ancient monasteries, vineyards, olive groves and a fascinating area that runs entirely along the northern shore of Lake Garda. We consider it the most accessible and complete tour of the valley.

itinerari cicloturistici Trentino anello di pergine valsugana

Cycle Itineraries in Trentino Alto Adige: Pergine circle path (Valsugana)

Starting from the iconic Casa dei Canòpi, a circle path of about 7 km outlines the circumnavigation of Colle Tegazzo, on top of which stands the beautiful Castel di Pergine. The first part of the route runs outside the city until it enters the historical centre from the west side.

Itinerari Cicloturistici Trentino Disabili Torbole Riva Anello tre Comuni

Cycle Itineraries in Trentino Alto Adige: Torbole/Riva - Circle path of the 3 Towns

Departure from of Nago-Torbole along Lake Garda in a westerly direction, the tour develops following the cycle route of the Sarca River towards the north. Views are beautiful, and a path with no slopes leads to the village of Arco, which marks the halfway point.

Itinerari cicloturistici Trentino disabili Arco Storica

Cycle Itineraries in Trentino Alto Adige: Historical Arco

A stunning circle path that runs between the historical centre and Chiarano, Vigne and Varignano. Accessible all year round, it becomes very suggestive during the holidays when the Christmas Market lights up and gives new life to the streets of the historical centre.

Itinerari cicloturistici Veneto Padova Urbs Pictae

Cycle Itineraries in Veneto: Padova Urbs Pictae

Here is an itinerary conceived by REMOOVE on the occasion of the "domeniche ecologiche 2020" (ecological Sundays 2022) to promote the newly named Urbs Picta (which means Painted City).

Itinerari cicloturistici Trentino Calceranica Levico Valsugana

Itinerari Cicloturistici Trentino: da Calceranica a Levico (Valsugana)

Levico e le sue sponde: un itinerario ciclabile ideato collegando diverse sezioni di una mappa ciclabile preesistente, all’interno di un reticolo urbano già ben strutturato per l’accoglienza del cicloturista ma che, ad oggi, ancora non è stato valorizzato.


Via Santa Caterina 35

38062 Arco (TN)

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Via Santa Caterina, 35 – 38062 Arco (TN)

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